The Art of Questioning In Call Center

Published: 20th June 2011
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The communication with a prospective client through the telemarketing services is a successful way to establish better communication regarding any product sale or promotion. In this process, normally a sales representative exchanges necessary information either through a telephone or with web conferencing. Telemarketing is not an easy task. In various situations, it is observed that the sales of any organization can also go down if the process of communication does not meet the expected level.

Therefore, the art of questioning plays a pivotal role in satisfying customers in all business aspects. Here are some of the tips that can enhance the questioning skills:

1. A proper framing of the questionnaire is the basic step. This will enhance a better positioning of the question in a sequence and allow the customer calling agents to obtain permission to ask anything related to their service. If it is an outbound telemarketing call, make sure that you explain the customer about your questions and how it can make them happy. This will not only make your customers alert but also allow the calling agent to make the session more interesting.

2. Always try to ensure that positive words and phrases become a part of any telephonic conversation. This will motivate your customers to participate in the questioning session. In this aspect the type of words can vary from question pattern. There are normally three types of questions that are usually found in the offshore telemarketing call centers. They are Open question, closed questions and Probing Question.

3. A calling agent should have the potential to analyze their questions and their sequences with the response of the caller. This allows the calling agent to ensure that the sequence is natural and customers do not recognize that the questions are scripted. It is always advisable not to jump randomly.

4. Whether it is outbound or inbound Telemarketing call center, it is observed that customer and calling agents conflict when the conversation gets too lengthy. Therefore, to minimize this discrepancy, it is recommended to set a questionnaire that is

short and crisp. This saves time and the conversation becomes direct and productive.

5. Controlling silences during a telemarketing call is imperative. Never speak anything if a customer is trying to express his/her emotion through their respective questions. Control the silence just by waiting for your customer to either reply or ask for further clarification of the question if they do not understand.

The art of questioning plays a dominant role in selling business. Telemarketing services outsourcing can be a favorable choice if your calling agents are not able to handle clients from your organization. It is easy to script a questionnaire but complicated to follow the ethics of questioning.

Austin Thomos serves as an intellectual, rational and an energetic author, and works as a Sr. Marketing executive at well-known call center outsourcing company, Call Center India(CCI). The concepts are widely explained about the amelioration of the Call Center Outsourcing services and the motto is the enhancement techniques for the outsourcing of the Call Center services and for the growth of business.

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